Mental Health Emergency Services

Welcome to Unity

Every aspect of our mental health emergency services facility––from the soothing architectural flow to the colors on the walls––is designed to maximize comfort, care and recovery. Most behavioral and mental health emergencies are resolved quickly, so we created 40 comfortable short-term spaces for patients to use during their stay. For those who need longer-term solutions, we also offer inpatient care.

Our patients are treated by a dedicated team of psychiatric physicians and care providers. We have care navigators on site to help coordinate ongoing support for all of our patients. They work with community mental health, behavioral health and social service organizations to create and set up continued care plans, with the goal that everyone leaves Unity with a path to recovery in place.

At this time our psychiatric emergency service is only for patients 18 and older. If you have a child in need of psychiatric emergency services, please take them to the nearest emergency department, call 911, or contact the mental health crisis line in your area.

Learn more about Unity’s Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES)